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A Look at the Classified: France '44 Special Editions

A Look at the Classified: France '44 Special Editions

With Absolute Games' new turn-based strategy title set in WWII, Classified: France '44, coming out soon, it is as good a time as any for eager strategists to consider which edition they will be getting!  Coming in three variations (standard, deluxe, and overlord), each offers some great content to get you started!


Starting off with the Standard Edition, though it is much as one can expect: you get the base game, and that's it! Perfect for those not sure if they want to invest but want to check it out.  In addition to the base game, those who pre-order (as with the other editions) will receive a special bonus: the Resistance Kit! NOTE: the specific styles will vary on platform, with Steam users getting the above "Shadow" and "Ghost" sets, PlayStation 5 will receive the “Blue” and “Cobalt” sets, and Xbox Series X|S will get the “Green” and “Forest” sets.


The Deluxe Edition has a bit more to offer with the first DLC pack available on launch:

  • The base Game
  • The Resistance Kit Pre-order Bonus
  • The Guerilla Pack, which contains:
    • A new map, "Church."
    • Two new Special Ops missions: Tomb Raiders and Time to Kill.
    • Two new weapon variants: the Bren "Ambush" and the Thompson "Boa."
    • A new clothing set, the Female Resistance Guerrilla!


The Overlord Edition is the ultimate choice for fans who want all that the game has to offer (NOTE: the contents of the Agent, Talon, and Devils Packs are not yet known but will be released later in 2024):

  • Everything in the Deluxe Edition
  • The Agent Pack
  • The Talon Pack
  • The Devils Pack,
  • A six-day Early Unlock!

And there you have it: three exciting editions to choose from! Which will you go for? Let us know in the comments!

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Martin Heath

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