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A Metric Ton of Final Fantasy VII

Not 24 hours ago did we receive another Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer, and Square Enix have decided to bless us now with a buttload of info at their E3 conference. 

Loads of the game's combat, which is obviously going to be the breath by which it lives and dies, was shown off to us, so here's a few of the bits we gathered from the demo. The ATB, (Active Time Battle), bar returns, but not in the same way it was. Rather than simply being a bar that fills up on it's own as you wait for your turn it now fills much quicker when you land basic attacks on enemies, and using one charge of the bar allows you to slow the usually real time action to a crawl and select a more powerful option from a Command Menu, similar to Kingdom Hearts. This is naturally a great compromise for fans of Square Enix's action and turn based RPGs respectively, or if you favour the former you can perform all your flashy commands with hotkey options. These options are character and materia dependant. Materia is back, obviously, and as far as we know it functions exactly the same as it did in the original, bar the changes to magic mechanics. 

You can switch between characters on the fly to fit the situation you need; for example, need to hit a enemy turret that's out of reach? Swap to Barrett and blast them away with a gun arm instead! Aerith had a quick showing as a party member, using magic as she was known for, but Tifa was the one that got more of the screen time. Even Sephiroth made an appearance, but only for story purposes.

We hope you're as excited for this monumental release as we are! Check out yesterday's extended trailer, which finally shows off Tifa in all her HD glory, above!

Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay

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