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A New Update Has Hit Dragon's Dogma 2

A New Update Has Hit Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 was released to a rough reception, with framerate issues, bugs, odd NPC behaviour, and a hard to detect disease that could wipe out a whole city! However, with each patch released these issues are being slowly but surely addressed. In the latest round of fixes, the disease in question, dragonsplague, will be getting some tweaks, along with other QoL features and other improvements

A heart a day keeps the plague away!

Dragonsplague, the infamous malady Pawns can catch and spread, has been tempered a bit with a lower infection rate. Additionally, the signs of this pestilence are now more noticeable, such as more prominent flashes of red in a Pawn's eyes. Keep that Panacea handy, yeah? In addition to this, the Pawns themselves have received general improvements to both their behaviour and dialogue! Pawns will no longer be left hanging when they go for a high five, and neither will they stare at you blankly after offering to guide you to a point of interest. They will also be less prone to falling off cliffs.

In terms of dialogue, the Pawns will now say certain lines less frequently, along with a fix to the bug where your main Pawn may say lines meant for secondary Pawns. The lines spoken should now also match their surroundings better! Finally, your allies should now prioritize helping a captured Arisen in combat, in addition to having Pawns ask for recruitment in the field less frequent.

In terms of more miscellaneous fixes, chests already looted should no longer be displayed on the map, players' can now zoom in on the faces of the Main Pawn and Arisen in the status screen, and guards no longer place you under arrest for fighting monsters in town!

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Martin Heath

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