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Angry Birds Transformers "VHS-Rip" Trailer with Release Date

Doing a complete 180° from the previous trailer, Rovio decided to take Angry Birds Transformers back to the show's origins. Kinda.

They have released a story behind the game, as well as a release date - but still no actual gameplay details.

The mysterious EggSpark has crashed onto Piggy Island, transformerizing everything in its path! Even the eggs have become robots, and are running riot across Piggy Island! Can the Autobirds and Deceptihogs put their differences aside and join forces to get those wild EggBots under control? Yeah right…

It is due for release 15th October for iOS and Android.

Now some background on the video: The 1986 animated hit Transformers The Movie was scored by a synth player named Vince DiCola. So Rovio got him back to score this trailer! They've even added in the slight skips in video and sound that the age of DVD's did away with.

However, the animation is much closer to the Japan-only Transformers series', which kinda ruins the illusion for long time Transformers fans...

Although they did have that awesome score and also revealed the latest Birdformer:

Arcee bird Transformers Angry Birds

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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