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Another Bundle of  Dragon's Dogma 2 Fixes Have Been Rolled Out

Another Bundle of Dragon's Dogma 2 Fixes Have Been Rolled Out

After its original, somewhat rocky, release, the Dragon's Dogma 2 team have been hard at work optimising performance and fixing the issues burgeoning Arisen have found on their adventures. In the newest update, fixes have been made to Pawn cosmetics, missing terrain, and unavailable items, in addition to adding a few new improvements and fixing a pesky bug with a certain Gigantus...

Arguably the biggest fix in the update is addressing an issue where players were unable to progress in the Gigantus quest after the beginning cutscene played. Now you should be able to take on the titanic foe! Additionally, issues where terrain wasn't being displayed on some graphics boards have been fixed, along with an issue where the Bandit Eyepatch and Lordly Eyepatch were not available.  Some Pawns were found to look slightly different in other players' worlds, which has also been addressed.

In terms of new additions, the maximum capacity of the storage has been tripled from 1000 to 3000, meaning you'll have room for all those rotten bits of meat and fruit you find everywhere! Finally, DLSS FRAME GENERATION has been added to the Graphics settings in Options.

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