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Ascend to Power with the Smite 2 Ascension Pass Trailer

With the sequel to the hit divinity-spanning MOBA, SMITE, being available for pre-order and closing inexorably toward release, many fans are waiting on the edges of their seats to see what SMITE 2 has in store. Thankfully, the gracious beings over at Titan Forge and Hi-Rez have given us the details of the newest way to get your gods up to snuff: the Ascension Pass!

So, what's an Ascension Pass? Well, in short, they act as a god-specific battle pass. While you will unlock free cosmetic items as they gain Mastery levels, with an active Ascension Pass, you will be able to gain even more items, in addition to a permanent Worshipper boost and trackers for the divinity in question. Each pass can be unlocked individually, but by buying the Deluxe Founder's Edition, you will also receive Ascension Passes for 11 of the gods (Zeus, Anubis, Bellona, Chaac, Ymir, Bacchus, Neith, Anhur, Loki, Cernunnos, and Hecate). If you feel like you need more, buying the Ultimate Founder's Edition will net you a Pass for the first 23!

SMITE 2 can be wishlisted on Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Epic Games Store.

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Martin Heath

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