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Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey Renaming and Release Window Trailer

Developer Nameless XIII and Publisher Dear Villagers have released a trailer for their upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure narrative, detailing a release window and, more importantly, ironing over a name change. Previously known as Cendres, the project is now called Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey and will be launching on Windows in April 2021. Ashwalkers is a survival sim which follows four adventures as they travel across a ravaged earth.

The players' decisions will shape the dynamic of the relationship between group leader Pretra; Sinh,the pragmatic fighter; Kali, the optimistic scholar; and Nadir, the scout. With no society to guide them and supplies dwindling fast, only their own moral integrity will judge the choices they make that will lead them to one of 34 possible endings. Ashwalkers: A Survival Journey will have a demo available to try over the Steam Game Festival, starting on 3rd February and ending on 9th February 2021.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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