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Astro Gaming Announces Customizable and Durable New Controller

Calling all controller users! Astro Gaming has announced their latest hardcore controller for the masses: the modular ASTRO C40 TR. What's so special about this snazzy new controller? The fact that it can be highly customized and durable, that's what!

For those of us who are heavy-duty gamers who might be a little rough on their controllers, PC and console alike, this is the controller for you. Built for "High-Stress Competitive Play", according to the press release, clearly today's competitive gamers were in mind when this controller was conceived. Those who play anything with a controller, especially if you're looking into any tournaments, should give this controller a look. An officially licensed product for PlayStation 4 and part of the Tournament Ready series, this controller is currently priced at $199.99 (USD), $269.99 CAD, and will begin shipping out early 2019. Currently a UK price couldn't be found, but it's presumed it will be close to the exchange rate of the two existing prices. It will be available at: Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Best Buy Canada.



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