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Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Raises Over $2.75 Million for Charity

Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Raises Over $2.75 Million for Charity

The mega-popular week-long videogame speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) concluded on the 10th January having raised a colossal $2.75 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It ran from the 3rd to the 10th January and featured over 100 different games.

Normally held live and streamed to the outside world, the event was this year exclusively held remotely, with participants running their streams from within their homes and viewers, likewise, watching from their homes for social distancing reasons. The entire archive can be found on the Games Done Quick YouTube Channel.

Over its 11 years, the Games Done Quick event (comprising Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick) has raised over $31 million for charities such as Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, AbleGamers, Malala Fund and the Organization for Autism Research. The charity bring supported by the organisation's next event, Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ), has not yet been announced.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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