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Azur Lane Getting Idolmaster Collaboration Event

The latest collaboration event to hit Azur Lane is set to be full of song and dance as seven idols are joining the popular mobile title from Bandai Namco’s The Idolmaster franchise. 

During the event players will be able to add the seven new shipgirls to their team via the event gacha banner and by earning points during a themed in-game event. Not only that, but there will also be The Idolmaster themed equipment skins and dorm furniture to unlock as well. 

AzurLane IdolMaster 01

The new shipgirls are:

  • Haruka Amami – (Light Cruiser)
  • Chihaya Kisaragi – (Aircraft Carrier)
  • Azusa Miura – (Heavy Cruiser)
  • Iori Minase – (Battleship)
  • Ritsuko Akizuki – (Transport) 
  • Ami Futami – (Submarine)
  • Mami Futami – (Submarine)

The Idolmaster collaboration will be kicking off on 22nd July, 2021 and run until 5th August, 2021. You can view the animated PV to mark the event above. 

Azur Lane is available now on iOS and Android.

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Judgemental Waifu

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Acelister - 09:47am, 22nd July 2021

I can't help but wonder if there's an Idolmaster Idle game...