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Battlefield V Officially Revealed

EA and DICE have now officially revealed Battlefield V (which definitely stands for 5) at their live event this week. And yes - it is World War 2.

During the live event, hosted by Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, various extra details were unveiled, possibly the biggest one being the removal of Battlefield Premium. In previous instalments, map packs and modes introduced in DLC down the line saw a fragmentation of the community, between those who paid for these map packs and those who did not. This will be a thing of the past, as all future maps and modes will be free.

Perks will also make their way into the classes, rewarding the frequent players. Of course, the last time we saw these from an EA game saw large scale protesting due to their "Pay 2 Win" implementation, and it would be fair to assume that it would not like to bring up that controversy again. We hope.


There will be three main modes to go with in V, which are as follows:

Single-player War Stories: The War Stories began in Battlefield 1, and will be continued here in a similar vein. We know from the reveal that at least one story will feature a young Norwegian woman, but not much aside from that.

Cooperative Combined Arms: Co-op took a backseat after its implementation in Battlefield 3, so teams of four will once again be able to complete various missions during the war. Again, not many other details were provided here, so we'll have to wait and see what kind of missions DICE has in store.

Multiplayer Classic and Tides of War: Of course, we all know what Multiplayer Classic will entail; Conquest, Rush and Team Deathmatch are going nowhere soon. Tides of War is the newest addition, which DICE says is designed to keep players returning to the game, continuing to add events, challenges and battles. For those who do get in their sessions, rewards will be handed out in the way of new vehicles, weapons, and...face paint. Yes, you can customise your characters appearance too.

Battlefield V Rewards
The rewards you can look forward to for playing Tides of War

DICE were also eager to announce the "Toolbox", which will allow support players to actively repair buildings torn down in warfare, build extra fortifications to either defend an objective or provide cover for an assaulting force, even adding the ability to tow away stationary weapons. 64-player conquest returns again, but the hopes of this player account potentially increasing has not materialised.

Also within Tides of War will be an all-new live event "experience", dubbed Grand Operations. It noted that these events will take place over an extended period of time, something that we haven't yet seen implemented in Battlefield. The first event, the Fall of Europe, will take place in November, shortly after the game's initial launch.

Along with all these changes, it was briefly mentioned that there are new animations, sounds and fauna, which you can catch a glimpse of from the trailer above. EA and DICE plan to show off more of the game on 9th June during the EA Play Press Conference. We'll get a closer look at the multiplayer - and in particularly Grand Operations - during that event.

Battlefield V will launch on 19th October for most, but the Deluxe Edition will be available slightly sooner on the 16th. For those with EA Access (Xbox) or Origin Access (PC), the Play First Trial will begin on 11th October.

Battlefield V Editions

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