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Black Desert Online - Halloween in Wonderland Trailer

The Red Moon has risen over the skies of Black Desert Online, luring the witches from Wonderland. Halloween in Wonderland is a festive event that transforms the Black Desert landscape into a spooky Wonderland tea party that puts a creepy twist on the Alice In Wonderland theme. The White Witch is in attendance and has tasked adventurers with the quest to defeat the wicked Black Witch. 

Black Desert Halloween in Wonderland rewards players with brand new Halloween-themed fashion items including the Angelic Queen and Demonic Queen outfits. The popular Halloween pets make a return with Neurotic Cabby and Witch Hat Charlotte. Scarecrow masks are available for some trick or treating and players can give their horse a scary make over with the Skeletal Horse Set.

Black Desert Halloween in Wonderland the Story of Two Queens is available to take part in now and the White Witch will return to wonderland on 1st November.

Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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NikholaiChan - 12:12pm, 23rd October 2017

Really cool looking update. Nice to see something a bit different.