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Blade & Soul’s “Secrets of the Stratus” Update is Now Live

The free expansion of Blade & Soul, named “Secrets of the Stratus” totally revamps character skill-trees, adds new Hongmoon levels, a Hongmoon Training room to practice combos and boss fights, new PVE areas, new dungeons, and more.

There are two important items available for purchase: Level 50 Character Creation Voucher, which will instantaneously grant players a new level 50 character of their choosing. With the launch of the “Secrets of the Stratus” update, the vouchers will have a limited time promotional price of €40 through 2nd May, when the vouchers will revert to the regular price of €50. Also available is the new Grand Phoenix costume bundle (€60), which will include a costume, headpiece, adornment, pet, and weapon skin all designed in a glorious grand phoenix motif. Equipping the Grand Phoenix set will grant players a unique emote as well, but will only be available to purchase through 2nd May.

You can find out more information by heading to the official website of Blade & Soul by following the link here

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

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