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Blizzard Gives Away Classic Games

Blizzard Gives Away Classic Games

Developed by Silicon & Synapse (now known as Blizzard Entertainment), these two games were 16-bits of fun back in the early 1990's. And now you can relive those memories thanks to Blizzard.

The Lost Vikings in 1992 saw you take control of three Vikings who were kidnapped by aliens and had to find their way back home. Erik, Baleog and Olaf, each with their own certain ability, need to work together to solve each puzzle-filled level.

Rock N' Roll Racing came out in 1993 and was a battle racing game set to a heavy metal soundtrack. Use missiles, mines and hard driving to win the races and upgrade your vehicle.

Just follow this link and download from Battle.Net. No log in required.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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