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Blue Archive Roadmap Revealed

Blue Archive Roadmap Revealed

Blue Archive's July-September roadmap has been revealed alongside the pre-registration event for its Hot Springs Update. The roadmap shows us the things that will be occurring throughout the July–September period!

Kicking things off in July, players will be able to participate in the "Hot Springs Resort No. 227 Daily Log" event! Also, a new furniture set — the Hot Springs Resort Theme Set — will also be added. Additionally, the three-star Chinatsu (Hot Springs), Cherino (Hot Springs), and Nodoka (Hot Springs), along with one-star Tomoe, will be available!

Blue Archive July Update Plans2

In August's update plans, the event story "New Year's Rhapsody No. 68" will be available, the new furniture "New Year's House Set" will be added, and three three-stars Aru (New Year), Mutsuki (New Year), and Serika (New Year) will be available!

Blue Archive August Update Plan

Finally, September's update plans are split into two different plans, the first of which is massive, including the event stories "Schale's Happy Valentine Patrol" and "Kosaka Wakamo's Silence and Feast", a new commission, a new achievement, max level expansion to 78, and three-stars Wakamo, Sena, and Chihiro, with one-star Fubuki included in the event too!

Blue Archive September First Update Plan

The second update plan for September is smaller, including the "Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion" event, three-star Mimori, a new 17th mission, and the insane difficulty for Total Assault!

Blue Archive September Second Update Plan

Are you looking forward to these updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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