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Check Out The Dredge Update 3 Trailer! You Can Paint The Boat Now!

Dredge, the delightfully sinister fishing adventure from Black Salt Team and Team17, just got its third free update. In the depths of this content-rich chest are new... "things" to find in the depths and a new eye for colour!

Experienced players may notice that a new face has joined the crowd of the starting area: The Painter allows players to both recolour their faithful vessel, and also change the flag they sail under! Though the selection may be limited at first, keen dredgers of the deep may find more flags to take for a spin.

Speaking of dredging, be on the lookout for 13 new creatures that call the depths their home. These "craberrations" will net you new customization options, if you manage to snag them that is.

Update 3 is out now, so pull up your sail and put on your best beard, we're going dredgein'!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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