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Chivalry 2 Releases Final Free Content Update in Newest Regicide Update with Launch Trailer

Chivalry 2 is finally closing out two years of free content updates to the title with the latest one — Regicide. Torn Banner Studios has been supporting their mediaeval PvP title for two long years now, and with the release of Regicide, it seems that free content updates will come to a stop. 

The king is in play in the latest Regicide update and trailer, as players will have a brand-new objective map to battle over. Take part in Regicide at Trayan Citadel, where both the Mason Order and the Agathian army will be able to fight at the citadel itself. In this new map, the Mason Order will be tasked to defend against the sieges of the Agathian army, where the latter will have to take The Lion's Thrust ram to breach the front gates, arrive at Malrick Castle, and fight against the king himself.

This all comes with the arrival of a new weapon. Take control of the Goedendag, where both Poleman and Engineer Footman classes will be able to utilise it for its polearm-like qualities and attributes. The Goedendag is able to do blunt-force damage with swings and overhead attacks and piercing damage with trust attacks; moreover, timing your attacks properly will allow you to deal massive damage to horses, allowing you to stop them on their tracks.

Chivalry 2 Regicide Trailer 0 36 screenshot

Regicide brings with it the Regicide Campaign Pass, where you'll be able to undertake challenges to progress and earn in-game rewards, such as currency and armory items. Though, unlike the others, this pass will never expire, and instead, it will allow players to progress at their own pace, also giving everyone the opportunity to choose whether to buy the Premium Campaign Pass for 1,000 in-game crowns without fear of FOMO.

Not everything is strictly gameplay-focused, however — you'll be able to get a slew of new cosmetics (featuring four new armour set options, five new weapon skins, a new helmet, and more), several bug fixes, quality of life improvements, performance upgrades, and much more. The list of changes is quite massive, featuring changes anywhere from things to Bridgetown to customisation, combat, and more.

Regicide marks the end of free-to-play content, though it isn't exactly clear whether Torn Banner Studios seeks to bring paid content to the game or move on from Chivalry 2. It's available for everyone to play on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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