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DayZ 1.17 Update Teaser Trailer

DayZ's newest update is focused mainly on accessibility and crafting but still offers some tweaks to old features as well as new ones, such as expanded selection of civilian firearms and a few tweaks to some others. Additionally, there's going to be an event.

The update brings:

  • New craftable items.
  • Survivors new fashion.
  • Bones can be used to craft a bone knife.
  • Stone knife crafting has been changed.
  • New weapons such as meat tenderiser, a cleaver, and a pitchfork has been added.
  • Quality of life improvements.
  • New control and sensitivity settings.
  • The control schemes for the controllers have been upgraded.
  • VOIP's UI has been upgraded.
  • And more.

Players should keep an eye out for infected witches and burning bonfires on the map. Those that have the courage can get the limited-time items, such as the Witch Hat, Hood, Cauldron, and Crooked Nose. Additionally, for the first time ever, players can set their Birch Broom on fire and turn it into a festive weapon.

Don't miss out on all the spooky events, as they'll run from the 19th of April to the 9th of May. Want to see more? Check out the update teaser here at GameGrin!

Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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