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DayZ Update 1.16 Teaser Trailer

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that they will support DayZ throughout 2022 and have even shared their plans, which include offering the playerbase frequent updates and some fixes.

There are plans to release five updates this year and the developers have mentioned that, unlike last year, the focus will be on civilian weaponry. The plans also include:

  • Improvement of the terrain, particularly the DLC map Livonia.
  • Enriched seasonal events.
  • Expanding of the DayZ lore.
  • Improvements to vehicle stability.
  • Adding more civilian firearms.
  • Ramping up asset production.
  • More customisable control scheme options on controllers.

All of these changes and updates will be made in cooperation with the game's partners and community in order to keep good performance and stability, ensuring that older generations of hardware won't be left behind.

As for now, 2022 will kick off with the first update (1.16) on all platforms. It contains a new firearm, however the main focus was the fixes and and adjustments to better balancing and gameplay.

For more information, feel free to take a peak at the trailer we got for you above.

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