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Dead By Daylight Receives Accessibility Change to Struggling

Dead By Daylight Receives Accessibility Change to Struggling

Since the game’s inception, a highly scrutinised mechanic was the ‘struggle’ mechanic of the second hook phase, wherein you have to mash your spacebar (or the appropriate button on consoles) to last as long as you can before you either die or are rescued. The mechanic has been known for being incredibly finicky and unforgiving, with a single miss-press or unregistered button input resulting in instant death, as well as the wear-and-tear it has on both your hardware and hands.

Arriving in the next Public Test Build for Dead by Daylight at an unknown time, Behaviour Interactive is testing a new system, wherein instead of mashing the button, the second hook phase will instead be a series of skill checks that get tighter and faster as time goes on. Missing one of these skill checks also won’t kill you outright, leading to struggling to be more forgiving both in and out of the game.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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