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Dead Island: Epidemic Heads Into Open Beta

The Dead Island franchise hack and slash game, Dead Island: Epidemic, has just come out of closed beta and is now in open beta allowing registration and gameplay for everyone.

New players can sign-up to the beta at PlayDie and from then on, they can download the game and begin to hack and slash their way through hundreds and thousands of zombies!

The game includes features of PvP and PvE running with the selections of both competitive and casual games to encourage all of the Dead Island lovers. Alongside the opening of the beta, a gigantic update was released with the launch, which includes:

All-new PvE-Mode: Crossroads

Progression System Overhaul

Crafting Overhaul

Passive Skills

Loot System Rework

New Zombies

The full patch notes can be read on their site.

The fast-paced multiplayer game has hours of fun that the players can endure whilst they slash as many zombies as possible during a PvE mission whilst also trying to defeat their foes in PvP battles. It includes weapon customisation and lots of maps and missions to play.

Phil Lendon

Phil Lendon

News Writer

Phil is a passionate gamer and writer, he loves to read too! Unfortunately, he suffers from gaming withdrawal symptoms.

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Phil - 08:44pm, 8th December 2014 Author

It's definitely a great idea! Have you played it?