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Dead Matter Development News for 0.7.0

Dead Matter Development News for 0.7.0

Dead Matter received its Friday blog post featuring all the new changes coming to the big 0.7.0 update.

This week's blog post contains a ton of new features. Update 0.7.0 is expected to be a massive overhaul from the 0.6.0 release.

The first thing featured in the blog post is the new level design being added to the world. Nomad and Adam have provided assets to the team to spruce up the post-apocalyptic look and feel that you would get in a Zombie outbreak.

It is also mentioned that the area of Dead Man's Flats has been increased, approaching the size of Canmore as a show of the quality that they intend for 0.7.0 to bring to the table.

The developers also stated that they were dissatisfied with the way the infected were spawning, and have shared with us a lot of the new overhauled code and ideas that they are trying to bring to the table. Most notably, they have tried to control the infected population so that it feels believable, but it is not so overbearing that it will overwork the CPU.

Their main goal in this section of the blog post was to feature their ideas for the infected, with a list of things that they are keeping in mind as they go further down the line. Providing screenshots showcasing how the spawning works from a top-bottom view depicting the survivor and how the infected spawn as the player delves into a town.

It has also been shared that the skin shader for the survivors has been changed. Pictures of the skin in a black box with spotlights are features, and then a comparison with the way the actual lighting will look and showcasing the survivor's new skin.

The retro-reflective shaders that were implemented have been massively improved, with several pictures showing the upgrade that has been added.

And finally, the foliage is getting looked over due to community feedback to make it look more realistic, providing some pictures of the newly implemented foliage.

It is still possibly a few years away from us receiving the official release of Dead Matter, as stated by the team, but the changes being made in just one patch and the overhaul overall that the team have provided seems promising.

Dead Matter's 0.7.0 patch will be released this coming Halloween, on the 31st of October.

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

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