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Decksplash Needs 100K Players or it gets Cancelled

Decksplash Needs 100K Players or it gets Cancelled

London based developer Bossa Studios has released its recent title Decksplash for free on Steam for one week. The catch? If 100K people don't play the game then it's game over. 

Decksplash is a title where players battle it out in what is basically Splatoon but with skateboards. In what the company is calling the Splash N' Grab event, the life or death of the product is down to the players. The company have put forward the challenge of getting 100k players to download and play the title during the free week to gauge if it is a game that the community would want. As the game is an online game where players face off against each other having that player base from day one is key to success. 

decksplash 01

If the number of players is hit then Bossa Studios will release the game into early access right away meaning the now built up community can continue to grow. This is of course if the game does release. Thankfully players will be happy to know as well that if the game is released then all the progress and unlocks will carry over to the full title. With the game featuring leaderboards it's worth aiming for the top and claim your place in Desksplash history. So it's time to decide the fate of the title and vote with your Steam account. 

Decksplash is available to play for free right now until 10th November. If the target of 100k players is not met the game will be cancelled.

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

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Acelister - 11:36am, 5th November 2017

Steam Spy says it's had a high point of 300-odd players thus far.

NikholaiChan - 01:19pm, 5th November 2017 Author

Still a few more days. 

dominoid - 02:30pm, 5th November 2017

I have no interest in the game, but I hope it hits the number because the name amuses me greatly. 

NikholaiChan - 02:31pm, 5th November 2017 Author

It's an interesting concept.