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Deep Rock Galactic Now on Game Pass

Ghost Ship Games' four-player co-op shooter Deep Rock Galactic is available now for Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox. If you've been hearing the constant hum of chatter surrounding this game and have yet to take the plunge, now's the perfect time... assuming you're a Game Pass subscriber.

Since launching onto Steam Early Access in February 2018, the game has grown alongside its fanbase, throwing new modes, features, biomes, enemies and more into the mix. Evidently, Ghost Ship Games isn't done developing, as the team has just unveiled its plans for Update 33 (now delayed until Q1 2021). Get the lowdown below, or click here for the full developer update, including a peek into Update 34.

Deep rock galactic update 33

Deep Rock Galactic is out now for PC and Xbox, available at no additional charge for Game Pass subscribers on either platform.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

Raised on a steady diet of violent shooters and sugary cereal. He regrets no part of this

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