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Deep Rock Galactic Turns Six with a New Event and Armor Trailer!

Deep Rock Galactic, the co-op FPS mining simulator, is turning six, believe it or not! Old enough to start school and begin their burgeoning road to independence, the game has been through many an update and season. To celebrate its birthday, the Ghost Ship Games crew are pulling out all the stops for the festivities!


First things first, armour and, more importantly, hats. With the sixth anniversary, the MK6 Armor Set, as seen in the trailer, is available for eager miners to earn! Complete missions, and the shiny new gear will be yours to keep! Be warned, however, that the missions are tied. Miss out, and you'll have to wait until the sets become available in Season 05.

To complete your new look, you can also complete the Anniversary Bonus assignment, and your reward will be a fantastic achievement of millinery craftsmanship, the Party Hat - Year Six!


If that wasn't enough, and if not, I'm not sure you're playing the right game, there are other goodies in store during the party event! As is common for these events, miners will have the opportunity to earn Double Performance Pass Bonus by collecting glittering Year 6 Anniversary Trophies while on the job. Gather these trinkets up, and you and your crew will be swimming in experience! If you're unsure when the event is ending, the Assignment Board will soon have a handy screen with a countdown.

More importantly, the Rig has once again been decked out to fit the festive theme. And there's FREE BEER, so what are you waiting for? ROCK AND STONE!

The Six Years in Orbit Anniversary Celebrations kick off on 28th February at 12:00 GMT, and the event will run until 14th March at 12:00 GTM.

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Martin Heath

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