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Destiny 2's Next Expansion, Warmind, Launches Next Month

Destiny 2's Next Expansion, Warmind, Launches Next Month

Bungie have revealed that the second expansion for Destiny 2 will be releasing in a months time and is titled Warmind

This follows the on going quest of Bungie trying to bring some life into Destiny 2 and address a number of fan complaints. Back in February they revealed a roadmap of new features that are planned and the most recent version revealed the next DLC expansion. 

D2 Development Roadmap 4 10 3

You might recall that there was not one but two leaks for the Warmind DLC which at this point could still hold up. There is no information about the next expansion at the minute other then we will be driving deep into the Warmind which if you were around for Destiny will recall the mighty Rasputin being one of these. There were a lot of Warmind related hints dropped throughout Destiny 2 and now it seems those clues were indeed leading us to the next Expansion. 

Warmind will be dropping on May 8th with Bungie holding a stream to reveal the expansion on April 24th. Until then though, fans can only but get excited for the new chapter in their Guardians story.  

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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