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Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion Gets Reveal Trailer

Following the short teaser trailer that was released the other day ahead of the reveal stream for Destiny 2's second expansion Warmind, plenty of new details have now been released. 

Warmind will see players heading to the polar ice caps of Mars where the Golden Age Warmind Rasputin has awoken. As warsats start slamming into the ice, the glaciers are beginning to thaw, revealing the core of Rasputin and an ancient Hive army who are bent on its destruction. 

You can watch the reveal trailer above which sets the scene for the expansion and also gives us a look at the rather awesome Ana Bray. As a guardian long thought to be lost, she searches for a connection to her past, which could be lost forever due to the events taking place on Mars. Together with the players, Ana Bray is set on uncovering the mysterious of Rasputin and stopping an new enemy. 

D2 DLC2 Gear 02 Lite

The expansion will bring will it plenty of new story missions across a new destination to explore set on Mars. An all-new Raid Lair set on the Leviathan will be added as well, titled Spire of Stars. A wave based endgame activity called Escalation Protocol is also coming along with plenty of new weapons, armor, and gear to earn. New strikes, multiplayer maps and plenty of other exciting new changes are coming with the release of Warmind and season 3 of Destiny 2

Destiny 2's Warmind expansion is still to release on 8th May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and is available to preorder now. Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Nikholai Koolonavich

Nikholai Koolonavich

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