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Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion to Include PlayStation-exclusive Strike

Warmind, the second expansion for Destiny 2 following last year's Curse of Osiris, is due out this week (today, as a matter of fact!), and Bungie announced that PlayStation 4 players would gain access to an all-new, exclusive Strike, Destiny's smaller, three-man version of the traditional MMORPG "raid" content. The Strike is called "Insight Terminus" that features new enemies, new loot, and an epic boss fight to follow up the experience.

The new "Insight Terminus" Strike isn't the only new content added in the expansion, and players on all platforms will be able to enjoy a new campaign - revealing new story bits and lore for the Destiny universe, new loot, a new raid (and two additional strikes besides the PlayStation-exclusive "Insight Terminus), and an all-new mode: Escalation Protocol, an end-game mode in which all players can band together to fight back waves of enemies.

Check out the trailer for the PlayStation-exclusive Strike. You can see GameGrin's previous coverage for the Warmind expansion, including screenshots and a trailer, here.

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