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Details Released For PES 2018

Konami have revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming PES 2018, due for release on 14th September. The full trailer will be revealed on 13th June. A number of changes that will be implemented in this game have also been announced - these include: 

  • Gameplay Masterclass - High quality gameplay finely tuned and refined. 
  • Presentation Overhaul - New in-game UI, redesigned with real player images in gameplay screen and myClub. 
  • PES League - Complete PES League integration, including myClub and new modes. 
  • Random Selection Match returns, along with Master League improvements (pre-season tournaments, an improved transfer system, and pre-match interviews). 
  • Online Play - 2v2 and 3v3 online co-op, a new dedicated game mode which includes support for local guests. 
  • Enhanced Visual Reality - Camp Nou, Signal Iduna Park and Anfield captured magnificently. 
  • Animations - The system and player models will feature incredibly realistic movement and amazing looking superstars. 
  • PC Compatibility - PC users can enjoy PES 2018 with the same quality that is on the PlayStation 4.

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What about that, PES fans? A number of changes for this year's game. The online co-op will be a welcomed addition to this game, as will the news about an upgraded Master League. But now we want to hear from you - let us know what you think of the news, and were there any omissions that you'd have liked to have seen be included? Let us know the comment section below. 

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

Staff writer

A man who’s in a long-term relationship with Liverpool FC. Gaming, music and his love of the weather follow narrowly behind.

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Platinum - 05:25pm, 18th May 2017

Fifa for life...

Might pick this up actually, Fifa has got a little stale of late, time to see what the other side does

Gregor Ebert
Gregor Ebert - 06:30pm, 22nd May 2017

I'll pick it up as every year, since PS4 it's getting better with every new installment so I'm eager to pay with (and against!) my buddies again.