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Disco Elysium New Dyslexia-friendly Update

Disco Elysium New Dyslexia-friendly Update

The critically-acclaimed title Disco Elysium has received a brand-new update that is meant to further the accessibility options within the title. 

The new update adds accessibility for players that struggle with dyslexia, enabling three new fonts that can be selected in the menu for most in-game languages. These new fonts include Korean with the Nanum Square Round font and Russian with the Adys font; these fonts were selected after careful consideration and working closely with translation teams and academics. That said, both traditional and simplified Chinese did not receive dyslexia accessibility on this update; an investigation on the best font for these two is still in process.

Disco Elysium Dyslexia friendly Update

This update comes due to the game's massive word count — over a million words — the developers wanted to make it even more accessible for those that would otherwise struggle. The update is live, so if you're looking forward to using the new accessibility options, make sure you're playing Disco Elysium on update b8a132b0!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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