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Discover Regis III In The Invincible Launch Trailer!

Finding yourself on a strange planet with no memory of how you got there and where there is could be considered a bad start to a day, but it is how your journey in The Invincible begins. Taking part on the planet Regis III, the game follows Yasna, a biologist trying to make sense of her situation and the planet she suddenly finds herself on.

Uncover the mystery surrounding Regis III and your mission there, and take in the beautiful desolate landscapes while you do it! But beware, your interactions with the world and people around you may shape your future in unforeseen ways! Offering a respectable 11 different endings, this may be a journey worth repeating.

If you're not quite sure on if this is the game for you, you can check out our review!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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