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Disney Celebrates World Princess Week Across Multiple Games

Disney Celebrates World Princess Week Across Multiple Games

Disney Parks posted on social media their newest blog detailing all of Disney's plans to celebrate the upcoming World Princess Week, which will take place from the 20th of August to the 26th!

This celebration spans across multiple games, including Disney Dreamlight Valley, Disney Speedstorm, Minecraft, and Disney Emoji Blitz

  • Starting with Disney Speedstorm, players can look forward to zooming past the finish line with one of the most beloved princesses, as Jasmine will be joining the growing roster of characters!
  • Minecraft fans can also expect to meet up with some of the most iconic princesses in Minecraft Disney World of Adventure, as Ariel, Snow White, Belle, and Jasmine will be joining in!
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley confirmed Princess Belle via a post mentioning the upcoming World Princess Week!
  • Last but not least, fans of the mobile game Disney Emoji Blitz will be glad to hear they can play Courage and Kindness Token Quest all month long for a chance to collect the new Platinum Tiana Emoji and other princess-themed ones!

Aside from videogames, Disney will be celebrating with new products, collaborations, and media! Find out everything that's coming to Disney+ and more in their blog post right here!

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