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Disney Dreamlight Valley Releases Brand-new Lilo & Stitch Signature Bundle

Disney Dreamlight Valley Releases Brand-new Lilo & Stitch Signature Bundle

The Disney Dreamlight Valley's The Lucky Dragonn update brought a lot of unique things to the Valley (from new characters, QoL changes, and the new Majesty and Magnolia Star Path to name a few), but it also brought the second Signature Bundle to release in the game (after Starlight House Bundle)!

The brand-new Island Getaway House Bundle does more than just give you a house (as the name might suggest), as instead, you can get a total of 18 items! Bring a bit of Lilo & Stich's Hawaii with this bundle, giving you clothes, a Dream Style, a house, and furniture. Who wouldn't want Hibiscuses in their Valley?

The 18 items you can get are the following:

  • Sun-and-Surf Stitch
  • Hawaiian Home
  • Island Surf Glider
  • Luki's Shave Ice Cart
  • Canoe Club Sign
  • Island Produce Tank
  • Shaded Island Wood Table
  • Island Umbrella
  • Island Wood Table
  • Island Leaves Crop Top
  • Denim Board Shorts
  • Yellow Island Tank
  • Island Swim Shorts
  • Blue Flip Flops
  • Puka Shell Necklace
  • Hibiscus Arches
  • Hibiscus Bush

The difference between the Signature Bundle and the Dream Bundle is that this one — Island Getaway House Bundle — won't feature character-specific quests. Priced the same as the other bundles (4000 Moonstones), you may not get a quest to go with your purchase, but it gives you a lot more items in exchange.

Notably, this is also the first time that players will be able to change the way their Glider looks.The Island Surf Glider makes you look like you're surfing in the air, and it's honestly a pretty cool cosmetic item for those who are bored of the same old Glider.

The Starlight Bundle costs 4,000 Moonstones, but it does bring a unique Dream House Style, which usually goes for 4,000 standalone in the Premium Shop and a Character Dream Style, which goes for 2,500, making this bundle a no-brainer for fans of Lilo & Stitch!

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Artura Dawn

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