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Dr Kawashima's Brain Training Announced For Nintendo Switch

Get ready to challenge your brain as you give it a work out in the newest Nintendo title that sees the return of a classic. 

In Dr Kawashima's Brain Training players will be able to complete a number of new and classic exercises to get a full brain workout. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch hardware there are more ways to play then ever before. With two-player workouts, support for a stylus, and even some exercises that use the Joy-Con's IR camera which can all be seen in the above trailer. 

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training will be available for the Nintendo Switch on 3rd January, 2020. The physical version of the title will come with a stylus that can be used in a number of the exercises. 



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Acelister - 02:59pm, 15th October 2019

My question is - what took them so long?