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Drake Hollow: What's New in the Bramble Beatdown Update? — Patch Notes

Here’s the complete list of of changes:

  • Pulled the camera out further from character and set to default
  • Added charge up melee attacks
  • Updated GDK save system and platform feature changes
  • Wolf tuning - removed wolf dodge Added parrying
  • Added enemy unblockable hits Added exploding grunts
  • Added taunts for wolves, grunts, and stalkers
  • Fixed lore socket issue in winter biome
  • Fixed issue with feral nest closing up too soon in specific circumstances
  • Added 4 vine types: the whomping vine, the soothing vine, the cursed vine, and the exploding vine
  • Fixed a Loc issue in the journal in Russian
  • Updated the priority for attack magnetism
  • Fixed convert to multiplayer check failure
  • Updated the shield block UI (animation touch-up, and added a broken icon)
  • Slowed down player 2-handed combo speed, but increased the base damage by 2
  • iFrames added
  • Nerfed the vampiric buff at higher levels
  • Terminer spawn projectile can now spawn exploding vines
  • Reduced frequency of terminer default projectile spawning
  • Added a UI alert when an improvement is damaged outside of a raid with no player in camp
  • Fixed issue where Terminer could appear shielded when not summoning
  • Candy canes no longer drop from chests
  • Added lock-on capability
  • Added tutorial for new combat mechanics
  • Returned hot torches to the magpie shop in winter
  • Turned off default santa hat as unlocked initially
  • Updated enemy raid target prioritization
  • Changed Terminer behavior around targeting and moving to improvements
  • Fixed issue with Xbox players' talking gems not showing up when utilizing crossplay
  • Added garage drippings for Magpie Shop
  • Profile saves can now be marked for later processing so that multiple save attempts aren't made within the same 1 second window (led to achievement sync issues)
  • Added and surfaced error code to modal dialog
  • Disabled cold open
  • Switched campaign and sandbox order in the main menu and added descriptive text for both
  • Added logic to add all tutorials to inbox on sandbox start
  • Removed warning for entering sandbox without save data
  • Added a block timer to prevent impulse spamming of block/attack
  • Fixed issue with processing invites on Windows 10
  • Fixed issue where player was sent back to loader instead of main menu upon multiplayer lobby exit
  • Added Curve Digital logo to splash screen on game start
  • Fixed issues with "Campfire" and "Titan of Industry" achievements that caused delays in awarding achievements
  • Fixed issue with Untouchable achievement being given in error
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