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Drill Deeper With the Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 Trailer!

With the end of the fourth season of Deep Rock Galactic, the Dwarves have finally beaten back the plague ravaging Hoxxes and can now focus on their main goal, making money! Season five, titled Drilling Deeper, is adding a bunch of new maps, weapons, events, and of course, enemies to Hoxxes to make your day job a nightmare!


Management has found out that there may be more riches to plunder deeper in the caverns of Hoxxes: Morkite Seed. In the new mission, Deep Scan, miners will have to use Resonance Crystals to pinpoint the seed's location, after which a Drillevator will be deployed. Make sure it's not damaged. Oh, and it's only one way, hope you did your mandatory Jet Boot training!

While searching far and wide for your quarry, you may run into a new mineral formations that hold a gem called Core Stones. Break open the formation and retrieve the stone! Beware, however, as disturbing it can attract a new enemy.  Be on the lookout for new Glyhid variants, as the stealthy Glyphid Stalker may be following you right now or you may be in the sights of the acid-spitting Vartok Scalebramble.


To help you on the job, Management has authorised the use of 12 new Overclocks, one for each primary weapon. Looking for coverage and damage? Check out the Scorching Tide! Want accuracy and control, the Deepcore GK2 Burs Fire mechanism is here for you.

Finally, for the adventurous Dwarves out there, a new difficulty level has been added! Pump up the challenge up to Hazard 5+ and see if you can survive to cash that fat check. New anomalies, secondary objectives, and performance pass will also be available to keep you motivated. You can even activate previous Passes to get those cosmetics you missed out on!

Yes, there are new cosmetics and dance moves too. Management has asked you to be considerate when busting out the Bully Maguire and Spongebob Shuffle.

Deep Rock Galactic Season five, Drilling Deeper, goes live on PC on 13th June.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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