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Epic Games Store May Block Accounts for Buying A Lot of Games

Epic Games Store May Block Accounts for Buying A Lot of Games

Since last week when first announced on 16th May, the Epic Mega Sale has been plagued with issues from incorrect pricing to publishers pulling their games from the store entirely. Borderlands 3 is the most recent game to be pulled temporarily from the Epic Store. Now reports are coming in that if you try to purchase too many games at once, the anti-fraudulent software may flag your account and prevent you from purchasing any more games.

Epic Games PR has confirmed that due to the store’s aggressive fraud rules, anyone who tries to buy a lot of games at once will likely run into the same issue. According to the PR statement, anyone who wishes to buy more games at a discount during the Epic Mega Sale may need to contact customer support in order to buy the number games they wish. Users are quick to point that the direct competition, Steam, does not have this restriction.

While the Epic Store may eventually become a contender against the iron grip Steam has, right now, the issues facing the initial launch coming out are not appealing to gamers.


Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

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