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Escape from Monkey Island Now Available on GOG

Escape from Monkey Island Now Available on GOG

The cult classic, point-and-click series Monkey Island is now available in its entirety with the release of Escape From Monkey Island, exclusively on GOG.com

Originally released way back in 2000, Escape from Monkey Island was the first 3D Monkey Island game. Often considered a long-lost, PC Gaming gem, the game is now available DRM-free, with an additional number of improvements to ensure it runs smoothly on new machines.

Escape from Monkey Island follows the story returning series regular Guybrush Threepwood as he embarks on a journey to save the pirates’ way of life from the ever encroaching curse of capitalism.

Visit a number of lovingly crafted locations across the caribbean, including the iconic Monkey Island as well as meeting a whole host of character, both new and old alike.

To celebrate the release of Escape from Monkey island, GOG are reducing the price of other titles in the series. For a limited time players can check out other Monkey Island titles with the following price decreases: The Secret of Monkey Island (-66%), Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge (-66%), The Curse of Monkey Island (-25%). If you purchase anything you're missing from the series - including Escape from Monkey Island - you’ll get an additional 25% off the entire purchase.

The 25% series completion discount will be available indefinitely, while discounts on individual games last until June 26, 1 PM UTC.

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes

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dominoid - 01:43pm, 27th June 2018

Oooh. I never actually played this one. I'll need to get me a copy come payday.