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Escape Together or Die Alone in the Sanguivore: Twenty Below Early Access Trailer!

Let me set the scene: you wake up in a dark cell, surrounded by darkness and the bodies of the dead. With luck, you find a lockpick with which to exit your confinement and meet up with your (up to) three friends! Together, you brave the blood-soaked hallways, looking for a way out and doing everything in your power to avoid... it. Welcome to Sanguivore: Twenty Below, the fusion of horror and escape rooms by Forthright Entertainment and Blood Eater Games!

In this cooperative puzzle game, you will be presented with varying areas where one of the titular Sanguivores dwell. Avoid this horrific being while looking for items and clues to escape! Each scenario consists of multiple areas, all with multiple opportunities for escape! Communicate with your team and best these blood eaters before they catch you.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below is available now on Early Access.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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