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Fall Guys Launches on PlayStation 4 and Steam

First, it was Psyonix's smash-hit Rocket League, now Mediatonic's Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the the next multiplayer title to launch as a 'free' PlayStation Plus title. As if it needs pointing out, the move was an absolute success for the former; will latter be such a phenomenon? Time will tell.  Fall Guys is out now for PlayStation 4 (available this month on PlayStation Plus) and PC via Steam. Check out the game's launch trailer above.

It's you and countless online competitors against a series of absurd, colourful obstacle courses and challenges. Jump, slide, dodge and bounce through the physics-based courses and compete to come out as victor. The rules are constantly changing: sometimes it's a mad free-for-all, others players are forced into temporary alliances against opposing sides. It's chaotic, vibrant and filled with charm. If you're interested, or already subscribe to PlayStation Plus), grab some buddies and take on the courses together.

Fall Guys is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. It's also the PlayStation Plus freebie for August; be sure to pick it up if you're a subscriber.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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