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Fear The Wolves Early Access Release Delayed

Fear The Wolves Early Access Release Delayed

Just as players were waiting to jump onto the Fear The Wolves early access, developers Vostok Games have announced that it is being delayed.

This original take on the battle royale genre was originally scheduled for July 18th, but the publisher and developer have agreed to push it back a couple of weeks in order to, "ensure the well-received core experience isn’t marred by technical issues." 

The closed beta will be extended by this news, allowing those who got in to aid Vostok Games in resolving any of those pesky bugs. Hopefully the release is all the better for it.

The early access version will launch on PC later this Summer. The full release is pencilled in for early 2019, where is will launch on consoles too.

James Martin

James Martin

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IT technician by trade. Probably running around turning everything on and off again.

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