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Final Fantasy VII Remake Art Director on Improving Game

Final Fantasy VII Remake Art Director on Improving Game

Sintaro Takai, Art and VFX Director for the Final Fantasy VII Remake published an interview providing insight into the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII.

Noting that he now is much more focused on effort put forth into visual effects Takai-san makes mention of specific situations such as ensuring special effects make sense in the game world as opposed to adding effects for the sake of simply adding them.

Specifically mentioning wanting a deeper connection between spells and particle effects Takai-san uses the spell "Cure" as an example, stating 'it shouldn't just be sparly particles'.  As overseer of art creation Takai-san would like to create an environment where younger developers on the project are able to create their own vision and active meld the overall art direction.

Final Fantasy VII Remake does not currently have a release date.

Rob Kratz

Rob Kratz

News Writer

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