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Final Fantasy VII Remake Drops March 2020!

It's difficult to hear that we first heard about the upcoming release of the Final Fanatsy VII Remake back at E3 2015. That's four years of being stuck in the spin cycle that is development hell, with only one or two updates from Square confirming that the game is still being worked on, albeit with much more difficulty than anticipated. 

Imagine our surprise then when trailers and news updates for the game popped up this spring, seemingly as if from nowhere, and gave us all that sliver of hope we've been desperately needing. Now finally it seems Square Enix are ready to play their hand, and despite Sony's absence from E3 this year PlayStation have published another new trailer for the game displaying some more famous scenes from the opening of the game, as well as some of the new action-oriented combat system.

And at long last we were given a worldwide release date: March 2020. That's still a way off yet, and a lot could go wrong in that time, but here's hoping everything stays on track and we get the game we've been waiting 15+ years for. Check out the new trailer above!

Alexander Mackay

Alexander Mackay

Staff Writer

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