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For Honor Goes Horror In Fangs Of The Otherworld Event

Fangs of the Otherworld, a special Halloween in-game event that is free for all For Honor players, is playable today until 1st November. This new event features a new game mode, exclusive Halloween-themed loot, new executions, and more.

The new game mode, Spooky Slashers, is a limited-time variation of Dominion, in which players capture zones to gain a special boost to slay the strange creatures lurking in the painy lanes. However, players will have to stay on their toes, for their boost might be stolen from them if they are slain in return.

Halloween-themed loot will be randomly dropped at the end of all matches for the duration of the event. Players will be able to customise each of their favorite Heroes with many unique limited-time items, including Battle Outfits, effects, and weapons. In addition, this event brings four new limited-time executions to the game, as well as Illustrious Outfits. Players will also have the chance to receive exclusive rewards by teaming up with other warriors and taking part in the Faction Race Order until 1st November. 

The Fangs of the Otherworld Halloween event comes as part as For Honor’s  third season titled Hulda, which brought players a new Viking Hero, the Jormungandr, a new map, many gameplay updates as well as the Wrath of the Jormungandr seasonal event. 

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