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FreeSync 2 Arriving On Xbox One

FreeSync 2 Arriving On Xbox One

This weekend, Microsoft has confirmed via its Xbox live stream that the Xbox One S and X will be getting an update to enable AMD's FreeSync 2 technology.

Usually reserved for those on PC, FreeSync is a technology that matches the monitor's Hz output with the frame rate, in an effort to eliminate screen tearing. The technology has been largely successful, and is a preferred alternative for many over NVIDIA's proprietary (and pricey) G-Sync.

Unfortunately, there are no available TV units that support FreeSync. The only choice you have are PC monitors, which is OK if you're not gaming in your living room.

Also coming in the future is support for 1440p native output, as well as the Xbox detecting a TV's "game mode" feature to enable automatically. Once it switches out of a game to Netflix, or another media consumption app, it'll disable this feature and switch to whatever is your default. This mode is present on most new TV's, and removes most post processing in order to remove as much lag as possible.

We're led to believe that these features will be released with the Spring update, currently with those in the Insider Preview now.

James Martin

James Martin

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Platinum - 11:45am, 13th March 2018

Any Freesync 2 TV's avaliable yet?

Livin in a box
Livin in a box - 09:49pm, 13th March 2018 Author

Nope, apparently there are some releasing some time at the end of the year...