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Frostpunk's Second Roadmap Update Is Now Available

Frostpunk's Second Roadmap Update titled People and Automatons is now available for users to download for free. 

Whilst developing the update, the development team took several player suggestions into account, introducing new features such as allowing players to name both automatons and people making managing the city far easier as players will now be able to search for specific characters and automatons. 

In addition to this, the update also introduces a number of new visuals to the game for buildings and vehicles including, Hunter Airships, Hunters’ Huts, Gathering Posts, Outposts and Workshops, allowing players to differentiate certain buildings and facilities when managing their city.

Finally, the update focuses on fixing a number of issues within the game as well as optimizing the title in order to improve the player's overall in game experience. 

Frostpunk is currently available on PC via Steam. 



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