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G2A Crazy 8 Sale #2

G2A Crazy 8 Sale #2

If the Steam Exploration Sale isn't enough to quell your thirst for cheap games then help is at hand! G2A have launched their super awesome Crazy 8 Sale. Every day from the 26th November to the 3rd December there will be eight games on sale, changing every eight hours.

Of course G2A is known for already having nearly unbeatable prices on games, so adding the discount on top means some fantastically cheap titles up for grabs.

On offer right now is:

  • F1 2014 (Steam): £7.12
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown (Steam): £1.58
  • Saints Row The Third Full Package (Steam) £3.95
  • Saints Row IV (Steam): £4.74
  • Death Rally (Steam): £0.39
  • Stacking (Steam): £0.39
  • Dirt 2 (Steam): £1.58
  • Alter Ego (Steam) £0.78
Black Friday 2014
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

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Emsey is a lover of games and penguins. Apparently she does some writing too...somewhere...

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Platinum - 02:18pm, 27th November 2014

Damn these sales, just been paid as well