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GameGrin's New Notifications

GameGrin's New Notifications

The canny amongst you may have noticed that we're asking whether we can send you notifications, and have wondered what on Earth that was all about. Well, it's something we've decided to try out to help us interact with our users more, in a way that doesn't involve taking you all bowling. Let me tell you now, we're not forking out for all of those shoe rentals!

The notification looks like this:


If you've accidentally (or "accidentally") hit Block, you can activate them by hitting this bell icon in the bottom right of the browser:

 bell icon

Don't worry, we're not selling your data, because it's completely anonymous! We just want your clicks, not your information. To show you our noble intentions, the first thing we will be using the notification system for is to announce our Easter Giveaways - one game each day, running for two days in case you miss it the first day!

Don't worry in case you think you might miss out! The notification should pop up if you've had the browser open at any point, or at least when you next open it. It will work for Chrome, Edge and Safari (sorry, AOL & Netscape users!), and when it pops up it should look like this:

notif pop

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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