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Get A Free Hoverboard In Star Trek Online

Get A Free Hoverboard In Star Trek Online

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll probably know that yesterday, October 21st 2015, was a bit of a special date. According to legend, Marty McFly (from Back To The Future of course) arrived in the future on that date. And just in case you haven't already been beaten to death by people going on about it, Cryptic Studios and Star Trek Online are joining in.

Log in from now until October 26th, and you'll receive a "Future Flyer Powerboard", which looks suspiciously like the Mr McFly's preferred method of future travel.


If you want it, make sure to log in before Monday, as there's a good chance that it won't be available again. You can pick it up for free from the C-Store and have a blast pretending to be Calvin Klein. Beg your pardon, Marty McFly.

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Acelister - 12:33pm, 23rd October 2015

Sadly it is apparently only useable on Risa, rather than being able to use it to bum around space... Still, pretty cool.

Felesha Miller
Felesha Miller - 08:28pm, 26th December 2015

I real want one

cyjuan - 12:34am, 29th December 2015

I want one beacase my friends got one

Alyssa - 08:12am, 31st December 2015

Free hoverborad

Seven house
Seven house - 09:05pm, 19th April 2016

I always wanted a hoverbroad!

Elisa - 10:11pm, 1st November 2016

I need and want it

Charmane Moore
Charmane Moore - 02:59am, 29th December 2016

I want a hoverboard so bad

Acelister - 06:38pm, 8th August 2020

I can confirm that it's been 5 years and you can't get this - unless you luck out with a Phoenix box.