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Get the Monster Hunter Stories Collection Bundle and Unlock Unique Bonuses for a Limited Time Only!

Get the Monster Hunter Stories Collection Bundle and Unlock Unique Bonuses for a Limited Time Only!

Monster Hunter Stories has finally found a brand-new home outside of the Nintendo 3DS and Apple devices on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam, but that isn't the only surprise that you'll be able to enjoy, especially if you're a newcomer to this franchise!

Released on the 13th of June, the unique Pokémon-esque Monster Hunter title finally released itself from the clutches of now-retro consoles and mobile devices. Not only is it a brand-new release for the overlooked title that found a cult following in its time, but it also bolsters some unique changes! Though, if you're interested in the franchise and want to devote yourself to both the first and second title — netting you countless hours of creature-collecting gameplay — then you'l want to pick one of the unique Collections released on Steam!

Monster Hunter Stories released with two unique bundles that you can enjoy — the Monster Hunter Stories Collection and Monster Hunter Stories Deluxe Collection. These two give you access to both of the games (as the title suggests), though there's also an early purchasing bonus that'll be available for a limited time for those who love exclusive content!

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By getting either of the two collections before the 31st of August 2024, you'll be able to enjoy the Limited Bonus of both titles, giving you access to the pre-order bonus you would have normally gotten if you had bought either before their respective releases. This means that in the original, you get two outfits for Navirou, both "King" and "Queen" outfits that represent some of the monsties you'll encounter and the latter — Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin — gives you the Kamura Maiden Outfit for Ena.

That's not all, either: getting both titles this way gives you a discount on top of the unique bonus. The original title costs £24.98, making it the cheapest of the two, with the sequel setting you back £32.98 if you buy it full price. In contrast, getting both titles will cost you just £49.99, saving you £7.97 for your purchase (and, again, getting you the pre-order bonus for both games). On the other hand, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin has been offered at a 50% discount, costing just £16.49, which means that buying it this way will cost you an extra £8.52.

This will be a per-case basis for those who may want the pre-order bonuses and those who may have already enjoyed the previous title. Though, considering the Steam Summer Sale is just a few days away — coming on the 27th of June 2024 — you might want to wait if you're not interested in the pre-order bonuses.

Monster Hunter Stories and the various ways to acquire it is available to purchase now on Steam, the Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4!

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